Chimney Liner & Pipes

Chimney linerStainless Steel Chimney Liner

A stainless steel chimney liner is primarily used to upgrade and repair existing chimneys.  Stainless steel is suitable for wood-burning, gas, or oil applications.

Some chimneys may look in decent condition on the outside but the inside could reveal a different situation.  Older chimneys are unlined or lined with terracotta flues.  A chimney liner left this way could pose a potentially dangerous situation if not inspected annually for defects.  This is because over time the terracotta flues or brick interiors can become cracked and deteriorated.  Cracks can allow flue gases to escape into your home.  In severe cases there can be a partial or complete collapse of the clay flue liner. This can block the flue from venting flue gases at all and potentially leading to carbon monoxide filling the home.

Installing a new heating appliance could also pose a dangerous situation if the chimney liner isn’t checked for suitability.  New appliances are more energy-efficient but this makes them at greater risk of depositing acidic condensation into the chimneys.  A properly sized and installed stainless steel chimney liner can better handle this corrosive threat.

You should have your chimney checked if your chimney hasn’t been cleaned or inspected in the past year because of the hidden dangers of old unlined or damaged chimneys. Innovative Chimney provides certified chimscan inspections to ensure your chimney liner condition.  If replacement is necessary we have many cost effective options available to make your chimney meet current safety codes and standards.


Class A Vent Chimney

The Class A chimney is UL Listed for all types of fuel including oil, wood and coal (some gas appliances may also use A Vent).  The A Vent chimney is an insulated double wall pipe. It is designed to be installed as a free standing chimney system and can be connected to your stove or appliance without the need for an existing chimney.


Class B Vent Chimney

The Class B chimney is used for low-heat applications and almost all gas fired appliances.  (B-vents are not to be used with fireplaces, wood stoves and / or oil fired appliances)  The B Vent Chimney is also a double wall pipe and usually requires it’s own special chimney cap as per the manufacturers safety warranty.


Innovative Chimney stocks and installs stainless steel chimney liners as well as A & B Vent Chimney Systems & provides free evaluations to determine what size and type best suits your specific needs.