Chimney Cleaning

How Often should I get a chimney cleaning? 

Chimney cleaning should be an annual service. We Inspect the chimney and let you know when it’s that time.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends inspection since all chimneys collect some form of soot. If there’s soot inside, get a chimney cleaning to prevent chimney fires and carbon monoxide.

With solid fuels like wood or coal, Creosote obstructs the flue. This causes 73% of heating fires and 25% of all residential fires.

Burning liquid fuel Heating Oil creates sulfuric acid.  Natural Gas and Propane fuel create corrosive condensation from low exhaust temperatures. Failure to get a chimney cleaning can cause Puffbacks, Toxic fumes and CO poisoning.

Wildlife can find an open chimney warm and inviting. If a chimney cap is missing you may have a nest or other unfortunate situation inside. Birds, Squirrels, Raccoons or Bats can enter the home through the open chimney. Some animals may be diseased or have died inside from fumes. The chimney can become blocked causing a puffback, toxic fumes and CO poisoning. The correct chimney cap when installed properly can reduce the risk of harm to people and wildlife. We remove animals Humanely and without harming them.

We clean all types of residue from any chimney or vent. A chimney cleaning and vacuum of the flue dislodges the debris inside. HEPA-filter vacuums capture the soot and particulates in the chimney. When we are De-glazing Creosote we have more aggressive tools. Rotary cleaning of the flue removes thick buildups other brushes leave behind. Chemical cleaning is  used to remove stubborn creosote when necessary.



Same-day and 24-hour emergency service is available. Get 10% OFF your chimney cleaning or repair when you mention this website. Senior and military discounts are available. Call toll-free for your appointment at 1-866-899-8989