Innovative Chimney is a Bellfires and Rumford Fireplace Installation Specialist

Bellfires, like Rumford fireplaces, are designed for maximum heat efficiency and complete fuel burn.  They are the best way to retrofit your fireplace.

The firebox in a Bellfires fireplace is constructed so that the hottest point is in the back of the fireplace.  This reflects heat back into the fire and in turn back into the room. The result is a greater output of heat.  This makes a Bellfire fireplace more efficient because of the complete burning of fuel and the amount of creosote produced is minimal compared to a traditional fireplace.

Bellfires don’t require as large of a flue as most other fireplaces, which significantly decreases heat loss.

Additionally, a Bellfire can be installed as a new fireplace, or installed into your existing masonry or metal firebox.

These are some of the reasons the Bellfires Fireplace is the most efficient, economically-friendly fireplace there is.

Innovative Chimney & Duct Corp has extensive experience in Bellfire fireplace installations, and all of our work is guaranteed!


Bellfires fireplace Innovative Chimney

Bellfires Fireplace – Installed by Innovative Chimney 2015


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