About Innovative Chimney

Chimney Customer Service Rep    Welcome to Innovative Chimney & Duct Corp., your one-stop shop for fireplace and chimney inspection, cleaning and repairs.


Innovative Chimney & Duct Corp. proudly services the City of New York, NY & Suffolk County, NY to the Hamptons and the Twin Forks.

Whether it is for residential homes, commercial or government buildings, we’re here to help you with all types of chimney and fireplace projects.

We’re fully licensed and insured and are always here for emergency service and repairs that require immediate attention.

We have a large portfolio of successful fireplace and chimney work from Manhattan to Montauk including the restoration of the chimneys at the Historic Fire Island Lighthouse for the Department of the US Interior. We’re here to provide you top customer care, the highest quality of professional service and competitive rates that can’t be beat.

From The Owner

Innovative Chimney

I’ve been in the business of design, construction, evaluation, maintenance and repair of chimney, duct and venting systems since 1993.

Innovative Chimney & Duct it is where I spend my work days doing chimney and fireplace repairs, sweeps and more. I carry the CSIA’s Certified Chimney Sweep credential since 2003 and I always take pride in my craft when I’m building, painting, climbing; whatever project I may be working on. When I’m not working I cherish family time, and I volunteer at the MSFD. I also enjoy spending time outdoors, all things science, science fiction and the humanities. If anyone’s interested, I’m always up for a match at handball!

My wife works in our family business too. Thank goodness! She also has a website design business that built this amazing website! Keeping top business websites and SEO strategy front and center to managing schedules and logistics. Aside from office work, Desiree’ keeps our active family of 3 sons organized and well fed (our favorite is her amazing banana bread). She also volunteers at the MSFD, plays softball, loves the beach and knows quite a bit about chimneys & fireplaces!

As a family-owned business, we are grounded in hard work, integrity and trust, values that are ingrained in everything we do.

Check back soon for updates or contact us if you’d like to learn more. Hey, you may even be due for an Annual Inspection!